#8 I Hate Pigeons

June 15, 2010

Someone Will…make billboards talk, have an opinion, shout it loud, start a debate…

Why can’t a billboard have a personality? This one went up in Melbourne telling it like it is. Should advertising have more personality? Can messages from brands talk to audiences like humans? Is it possible to start a proper conversation from a billboard?

The outdoor awards


#7 Take Me With You

June 7, 2010

(billboard by Anthony Burrill)

Someone Will…demand action, ask the impossible, stir things up…

When you ask people to do something, do they? Do people like the thrill of a challenge, or do they just leave it to someone else?
Billboards can take someone’s train of thought and throw it somewhere totally new. In the blink of an eye. But is it powerful enough to get someone to stop in their tracks and DO something?
Anthony Burrill                 The outdoor awards

#6 Ignore Me

May 31, 2010

(billboard by Timba Smits)

Someone Will…try to prove a point, make you look, use words to great effect, make you hungry…
Are billboards impossible to ignore? What if the billboard actually told you to ignore it, would it be possible to ignore? There’s a simple power to big messages in public spaces. And the simpler the better. Can words do what pictures can’t?
TIMBA                 The outdoor awards

#5 Adelaide

May 24, 2010

Someone Will…disorient the audience, make a joke, use location to good effect, supersize a postcard…

What happens if you tell the people of Melbourne they’re in Adelaide? Do people get the joke? Or do people simply think because it’s a billboard, it must be advertising something? Or do they just think the poster company’s made a mistake? Or is there a place for confusion? Does advertising always have to be straight faced – or is there room for some tongue in cheek?

The outdoor awards

#4 Night Flowers

May 17, 2010

(Photograph by Gareth McConnell)

Someone Will…make the case for beauty, use imagery to enhance an environment, let art speak volumes, get back to nature…

It’s rare someone uses billboards to bring beauty to a place. And yet, when you have a canvas this big, it’s amazing how it can stop people in their tracks. Taking things that you might normally only see in a gallery and bringing them into the outside world may not be everyone’s idea of genius. But they do say a picture paints a thousand words. Is advertising art? Or perhaps more interestingly, is art advertising?
Gareth McConnell                 The outdoor awards

#3 Yawn

May 10, 2010

Someone Will…start something infectious, make people react, test a theory, demonstrate the power of an image…

(Photograph by Brock Elbank)

Yawn. And the whole world yawns with you. Or so the saying goes. This billboard went up to see if a simple image could get an instant response. And to test the theory. Is it difficult to get a physical reaction from a billboard? And if not, is it a good idea?
Brock Elbank                 The outdoor awards

#2 I’m with stupid

May 3, 2010

Someone Will…take a gag to the next level, ask for passers by to take photos, make fun of pedestrians, do something simple in a big way…

What happens if you put T-shirt graphics on a billboard? What happens when you give people the chance to use a billboard to take a funny photo. People work it out. Audiences are a lot cleverer perhaps than some agencies or clients give them credit for. Even though, this particular billboard is telling them they’re stupid, of course. Is there room for interactivity? Can outdoor be an event rather than just a message?
The outdoor awards

#1 Missing python

April 26, 2010

Someone Will…scare a community, cry wolf, blow up a pole poster, play with the truth, do anything to get a reaction…

On Anzac weekend, this billboard went up in Pyrmont, Sydney on a busy corner street. Without any big announcement or media leaks, the poster was left to its own devices to see what reaction it got. Hundreds of calls and text messages received. Including a few from the TV networks. Some claimed to have found the snake. Others wanted to know if it had been found. Some were downright creepy. Is it ok for a billboard to play with the truth? What’s wrong with harmless fun?

Listen to some of the responses here

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