#3 Yawn

May 10, 2010

Someone Will…start something infectious, make people react, test a theory, demonstrate the power of an image…

(Photograph by Brock Elbank)

Yawn. And the whole world yawns with you. Or so the saying goes. This billboard went up to see if a simple image could get an instant response. And to test the theory. Is it difficult to get a physical reaction from a billboard? And if not, is it a good idea?
Brock Elbank                 The outdoor awards


4 Responses to “#3 Yawn”

  1. Anon. said

    Nice pics. Would have been a cracker on the side of a freeway.

  2. anon said

    that’s right out the front of my old place and that’s my friend in it!

    • Avalos said

      I like the idea of being a YAWN aacltuly. To be honest I’m a poor man’s YAWN right now due to the fact that I may not be making much but I got enough to pay rent, pay for gas, have a netflix account, go out 2 or 3 times a week, and travel a few times in the year. The only real difference I can see with more money is eating steak and lobster more and living without roommates.

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