#8 I Hate Pigeons

June 15, 2010

Someone Will…make billboards talk, have an opinion, shout it loud, start a debate…

Why can’t a billboard have a personality? This one went up in Melbourne telling it like it is. Should advertising have more personality? Can messages from brands talk to audiences like humans? Is it possible to start a proper conversation from a billboard?

The outdoor awards


#7 Take Me With You

June 7, 2010

(billboard by Anthony Burrill)

Someone Will…demand action, ask the impossible, stir things up…

When you ask people to do something, do they? Do people like the thrill of a challenge, or do they just leave it to someone else?
Billboards can take someone’s train of thought and throw it somewhere totally new. In the blink of an eye. But is it powerful enough to get someone to stop in their tracks and DO something?
Anthony Burrill                 The outdoor awards