#8 I Hate Pigeons

June 15, 2010

Someone Will…make billboards talk, have an opinion, shout it loud, start a debate…

Why can’t a billboard have a personality? This one went up in Melbourne telling it like it is. Should advertising have more personality? Can messages from brands talk to audiences like humans? Is it possible to start a proper conversation from a billboard?

The outdoor awards


16 Responses to “#8 I Hate Pigeons”

  1. Herman said

    I saw this billboard today, but why so much hate in the world?

  2. Nathan said

    This billboard inspired me to ring the necks of ten pigeons today.

  3. Greg said

    Saw this the other day. Made me smile cause I can understand how a billbored would fell. Keep the smiles up thanks

  4. Pat said

    Rats of the sky!

  5. Jacko said

    This billboard is a stupid waste of money and space. Its stupidness has ruined my day

  6. James said

    I agree with jacko. This is a complete waste of money and space. Who has every wondered what a billboard thinks and what is the use of it! It does not advertise anything. Completely ruined my day.

  7. Lauren said

    How can a billboard ruin your day?! Man up, its only a bit of fun!! I happen to really like it!!

  8. von said

    LOVE IT!

  9. Anonymous said

    I work in the building where the billboard is on top of and it certainly did start some proper conversation. We had previously noticed the weird advertising on the building ‘take me with you’ and then seeing ‘I hate pigeons’ capped it off to a ‘wtf is happening with these billboards’ – then we guessed what it could be advertising, one suggestion was that it was advertising a product to stop birds from pooing on legdes and then we looked on the internet and found this. However there was no debate of if any one actually hated pigeons and no one picked up on that the billboard hated pigeons because it was being shit on, but it certainly made us want to actually research what the heck it was advertising and then we found this website. It certainly did make us laugh, distracted us, engaged us, confused us and certainly distracted us from work!!

  10. cath said

    loves it – I’ve been looking at the billboard everyday as i come home from work…thinking I must “google” that. Its so much more thought provoking than Cha Cha Cha

  11. Amber said

    This is called art!!!

  12. Denise said

    I could see it from my jobs ladies bathroom. 😛

  13. Farren said

    It made my child cry

  14. Kirstie said

    Great idea, curiousity sparks conversation.

  15. Joanne Mateljan said

    I am from perth and have recently visited melbourne on holiday with my family. When we saw this billboard, my 8 year old daughter laughed and said “it is funny because pigeons poo on billboards all day”. I asked my brother (a Melbornian and a multimedia advertising exec) what the deal was and he didn’t know. I have been home for a week and still the billboard was on my mind, so I turned to trusty know-all Google and came across this site. Advertising at its best. Evoking thought and conversation. I loved it! The yawn one got me BTW!! Cheers from WA 😉

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